Otto’s Burger – Hamburg, Germany

I’m sure you’ve all heard the story by now – how rowdy sailors in Hamburg, Germany, threw a slab of meat between two pieces of bread and invented the hamburger. It’s certainly plausible, quite romantic even, but in reality is just one of many theories when it comes to the origins of this much celebrated dish. Regardless of where they’ve come from….eating an hamburger in Hamburg is exactly the sort of cliché we’re happy to indulge in at Join us as we head to one of the city’s newest joints, Otto’s Burger.

Ottos Burgers Hamburg

The Joint: Otto’s Burger, Lange Reihe 1-5, 20099 Hamburg, Germany. You can find their website here.

Ottos Burgers Hamburg 3

The Vibe: Open earlier this year, Otto’s Burger is a short walk from Hamburg’s Hauptbahnhof (central train station) and in the shadows of St Georgs church. The crowds tend to head south and into the shopping district though so this area is quieter and a more relaxed place to eat lunch. The joint is famed for it’s organic, locally sourced, sustainable ingredients and so is naturally referred to as ‘gourmet’ by some commentators. It’s a counter service with a few seats inside and a nice decking area out front. We’re order the Smokey BBQ bacon burger and fries and take in the last of the September sun.

Ottos Burgers Hamburg 4

The freshly prepared Smokey BBQ Bacon Burger is served as a medium cooked beef patty smothered with rich barbecue sauce and bedded down with lettuce, crisp bacon, smoked cheese, and red pickled onion. It’s a juicy bite, if a little messy on the fingers, and the BBQ sauce gives it plenty of flavour. It comes with a side of seasoned fries – they’re crisp and arguably the best fries we’ve eaten since starting this site.

Ottos Burgers Hamburg 6

Whilst snacking on our burger we did notice that we were the only ones using our hands to eat. Germans seem more at home with taking a knife and fork to their buns, cutting up them into more manageable chunks. It’s a neat and tidy option, admittedly, but just isn’t the same as taking a big bite out of a really appealing burger.

The joint is keen to push fresh items too and those following their social media profiles will see special burger announcements every few weeks. As we write they’ve just launched a low carb chicken and mushroom burger with coleslaw and salad.

Otto’s Burger is a great addition to Hamburg. It’s clean, friendly, and a tasty bite.

The Price: Between £9 and £11 for a burger and a few pounds more for fries. 

Otto’s Burger was visited by Yvonne in September 2014.

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