Barcade – Manhattan, New York

What do you get when you cross classic arcade games, alcoholic drinks, and delicious fast food? You’re right, it’s a damn good time. Barcade, found at select spots across New York, Jersey, and Philadelphia, brings your childhood memories in line with your adult activities and it’s every bit as fun as it sounds. We planned ahead and hit their West 24th Street joint in Manhattan just as it opened.

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The Joint: Barcade, 148th West 24th Street, Manhattan, New York, 10010. You can view their website by clicking here


The Vibe: Armed with a pocket full of quarters, usually a nuisance when on vacation, we enter Barcade moments after it’s opened. It’s dark, well designed, and slammed with nostalgia. Alongside their well stocked bar is their sizeable collection of arcade games. At 25 cents a pop, or 50 for the Daytona racing game, we skip between Tapper, Food Fight, and NBA Jam before settling on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles beat’em up. As we pound the foot clan with Leonardo and the boys we’re already planning our next move. Ghostbusters is next, which we’ve somehow never played before, and then the Aliens shoot’em up is tackled in co-op mode. We fail miserably and move onto the next machine.

Barcade Turtles

We did stop gaming for a few moments to order a chicken and cheese waffle sandwich, a grilled chicken and bacon sandwich, and a side of fries too. We’re engrossed in Donkey Kong and Pac Man by the time they arrive though and initially struggle to pull ourselves back to the table.

Barcade chicken cheese waffle sandwich

First up is the the chicken and cheese waffle sandwich served with a pot of maple bacon syrup. It looks great but somehow tastes even better. You’ve got juicy fried chicken covered in American cheese and delivered between two soft and sweet waffles. Add some of the sharp maple bacon syrup and you find yourself in fast food heaven.


From there the standard grilled chicken and bacon sandwich definitely doesn’t look as impressive but is equally as tasty. The chicken is moist, the bacon is crisp, and the ciabatta bread is a nice touch.


Barcade deliveries an formidable three punch combo – it’s a great arcade, a solid bar, and a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat. We’re already saving our quarters for the next visit.


The Price: $15 for the chicken and cheese waffle sandwich and $2 for a large soft drink, or $15 for their lunch special with any standard sandwich, fries, and an alcoholic drink. 

Barcade was visited by Tom in February 2015.

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