Bleecker Street Pizza – Manhattan, New York

Bleecker Street Pizza, unsurprisingly found on Bleecker Street in Manhattan, has steadily grown a reputation as New York City’s ‘best pizza’ joint. It’s a big tag considering this city is flowing with Italian heritage and one we couldn’t wait to test out.

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The Joint: Bleecker Street Pizza, 69 7th Avenue South, Manhattan, New York, 10014. You can view their website by clicking here.


The Vibe: Running between 8th and Bowery and situated midway between Central Park and Battery Park, Bleecker Street was once considered the epicentre for New York bohemia. In the past you’d find musicians such as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, and comedians such as Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby starting out here. It was also home to the famous, but sadly defunct, CBGB alternative music venue. Bars, galleries, and thrift stores still line the sidewalks today and there’s a really laid back vibe to the area.

Bleecker Street

Like most authentic fast food joints in Manhattan, Bleecker Street Pizza is a little rough around the edges. There’s a busy counter by the door, a few seats down the side, and a stack of shrink wrapped soft drinks in the corner. It’s a sorry sight in truth but that shouldn’t always bother you in this city. We grab a slice of ‘sausage and pepperoni’ and a ‘cheese’ for good luck and head to a stool.


At face value you look at these slices and they may not stand out to you, nor did they to us at first. There’s very little visually you can do with thin crispy pizza though and BSP don’t aim to stand out there. Their real strength is in the crispness of the base, the flavour in the tomato, and the moisture in their toppings. The sausage and pepperoni slice isn’t swimming in oil, so often the downside of a meat based slice, and the cheese retains it’s full strength too.

Bleecker Street Pizza

As we tuck in there’s a steady stream of hungry customers through the door, the majority of which are regulars judging by their conversations. That’s always a good sign and on this evidence it’s no surprise that Bleecker Street Pizza continues to win awards. 


The Price: At $3.50 a slice it’s pricey compared to some joints but you’re paying for quality here and it’s worth your added dollars.

Bleecker Street Pizza was visited by Tom in February 2015.

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