About Us

The Out For Lunch team started in May 2013 as three young professionals (some more than others, on both counts) who worked a few minutes walk from Oxford Circus tube station in Central London. The office didn’t have a canteen and the kitchen was without a microwave so they were at the mercy of the local food retailers. Some were better than others and the team wanted to bring together their love for a good lunch in one place.

Life rolls on though and these young professionals moved onto different offices and new lunch haunts. A few even started hanging out with new crews…so in the summer of 2014 Out For Lunch went again but this time opened it up to new contributors, locations, countries. You can now be out to lunch in London, Manchester, Tampa Bay, San Diego, Sydney, Osaka, and many more.

We do this for fun and in no way aim to negatively impact on any of these fine establishment. We’ll just tell the truth with no hidden motives and see where it takes us. If you are unhappy with any of the comments that we make then please do contact us and we’ll discuss it.

See you at the counter!